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Nap Zapper

Designed To Alarm During Momentary Lapses In Concentration Caused By Fatigue & Tiredness

Have you ever driven a car or truck when you could barely keep your eyes open? If you're like most people you have dozed off while driving; really frightening. You try to open the window to get fresh air to wake up but, that doesn't work for long and you nod off again and again.

The Nap Zapper device can wake you up, save your life, the lives of your passengers and others on the road (not to mention the expense of medical care and vehicle repair).

Nap Zapper anti drowse alarm is a unique wireless device that has been developed to primarily safeguard vehicle drivers from falling asleep behind the wheel. Dozing off at the wheel causes countless injuries and deaths on national roads. When you drive fatigued, sleeping is beyond our control. Before you can wake up it may be too late to make driving corrections.

  • Nap Zapper fits snugly over the right ear and will stay in place, even when glasses are worn.
  • The angle of the wearer's head (i.e. if the head nods too far forward) causes the alarm to give off an instant wake-up signal.
  • Head angle can be adjusted.
  • Size: approximately that of an external hearing aid.
  • Weight: approximately 16grams.
  • In retail packaging
  • Warranty period: six months

A Nap Zapper makes sense. Whether your loved one is a taxi driver, truck driver, night shift worker, like a nurse or other medical personnel who drives home tired in the morning after a long shift, they will greatly appreciate a stay awake device as a gift. The device is small enough to keep in a bag or purse or, better yet, kept in the glove compartment so that it is always readily available when the driver gets into the car.


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Nap Zapper

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Nap Zapper | Quantumed

Nap Zapper

Designed To Alarm During
Momentary Lapses In Concentration
Caused By Fatigue & Tiredness.

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