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Personal Lubricant

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Avian Reece ® personal lubricant is a high-quality water based personal lubricant that feels silky smooth and is 100% safe for use with condoms, toys, rubber, latex and is one of the world’s first safe anal-penetration approved lubricants. The quality ingredients are very gentle on the skin and can be used over extended periods of time.


Strawberry flavoured personal lubricant is a sexy spin-off of the original Avian Reece ® and promises to please all the senses with its intense taste and smell. This lubricant is condom and latex safe, long lasting, non-staining and easily washable. If the Avian Reece ® design is not your style we can provide a 1, 2, 3 or full colour printing service on 5ml sachets according to your specific requirements.


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Avian Reece

Avian Reece

Avian Reece Sachet

Avian Reece Sachet


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